As a client, you are granted a license to reproduce and/or distribute the photographs or agreed edits of a work. All licenses have geographical, time, media and usage restrictions/allowances. Below is my standard licencing terms Use of the photographs outside the terms of the license granted is likely to be a breach of copyright or incur fiurther charges.

  • All images within my standard licence can be used at low resolution (circa 2 megapixles) for the period of 1 year from the date of recipt of the final edits on
  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Networking Sites
  • Online social and business platforms
  • The licence does not extend to usage of images in Commercial Advertising, or Direct Sale of a product or service. Licences for such usage can be negotiated.
  • Any Print Usage, Commercial Usage, or other usage not detailed here will require a custom licence drafted to your needs, reach out and we can discuss the details and costings

CREDITS - Where it is possible, expected, and appropriate, unless agreed in writing/the license, I will be credited for my role in The Work. Please request the format in which I wish to be credited. Any errors and omissions in this regard may be seen as a breach of contract. For images of social events wherein your guests/clients/customers are given access for sharing there is not responsibitly on the Licencees part (you) to ensure they follow these requests, nor is there a requirement on my part for them to do so.

Before you hear back from me as to my exact credits for a specific project you may use the following details as are appropriate:

Photography by William Walsh

Directed by William Walsh


LICENSE EXTENSION OPTIONS - If, having agreed a set of license conditions you subsequently realise that you need wider use of the work I am always happy to negotiate a license extension.

COPYRIGHT - Unless agreed in advance and in writing I do not assign copyright to any clients or third parties. Please be aware that buying the copyright is far more expensive than buying an extensive and wide-ranging license. Across the project any RAW files, scripts, audio recordings, research documents, and associated articles remain in my copyright as per the relvant legislation and my terms. 

Please refer to my Terms and Conditions for a broader set of relevant information